I appreciate CBC News. CBC News could be better.

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A television news video camera. Photo by Bicanski: https://pixnio.com/media/telecommunication-television-news-tripod-camera-lens

Empirically speaking, as a 20-something Canadian, most of my peers don’t care about television news. That’s a shame, in my opinion. The television newscast, while an imperfect platform, offers an opportunity to learn and think about one’s community, country, and world in an increasingly rare distraction-free context.

Itching to experience live music again? It’s going to cost you.

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Smith’s Ranch Drive-In in Twentynine Palms, California. Photo by Cpl. Ali Azimi: https://www.29palms.marines.mil/News/Photos/igphoto/2000015074/

In late June 2020, concert listings began to appear for shows at a brand new outdoor venue in Toronto, CityView Drive-In. The venue’s website promises “world class talent on a massive 238-foot stage with the Toronto skyline in the background.”

Elliott Klein

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